Preparing Your Plants and Flowers for Colder Weather

As the temperature begins to drop and winter approaches, it’s important to start thinking about how to prepare your plants and flowers for the colder weather. Some people may assume that all plants will not survive the harsh winter months, but with proper care and protective measures, many can actually last through the winter and […]

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How to Identify Plants that are Receiving Too Much Rain

We all love the sound of rain droplets on a summer evening, but too much rain can have a negative effect on your plants. When plants get more water than they need, their roots can become over-saturated with moisture and this can lead to root rot and other issues. It is important to watch out […]

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Celosia 101
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Celosia: A Fall Flower You’ll Celebrate Typically in Fall you’re not thinking about your garden blooming but fading in anticipation of winter. As the last of your summer blooms die and your Fall flowers like chrysanthemum take over the garden, consider another Fall favorite that will extend the life of your garden: Celosia! This crazy […]

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Dahlias 101

Summer Gardening Woes Summer is one of those seasons where you don’t know what to expect so you expect the worst: heat and humidity. While there are dozens of ways to cool off–taking a dip in the pool, sitting by the air conditioner, eating ice-cream–our plants aren’t so easily satiated. Oftentimes that’s why gardeners, greenhouses, […]

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Caladiums 101
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Caladiums: Heart of Jesus These large heart shaped leaves are known by many nicknames such as elephant ears (like its cousin colocasia), angel wings, and heart of Jesus. Just like snowflakes, no two leaves are the same, coming in a variety of colors and heart shapes. Native to South America and Central America, this plant […]

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Lobelia 101

Lobelia: An Abundant Bloomer Many people love flowers but they don’t always have the time or resources to properly tend a long-term garden. There are many species that require specific soil types, watering schedules, persistent pruning and upkeep. So for the beginner gardener seeking a vibrant bloom that will last from summer through the first […]

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Alstroemeria 101

Alstroemeria: A Bountiful Bloomer For Every Garden It’s no secret that people love lilies–the fourth most popular flower worldwide–for their distinct appearance as well as their symbolism. As you plant the seeds of your spring garden and comb your local greenhouse for stunning potted plants, consider the striking, Azalea-like blossoms of the Alstroemeria flower! Alstroemeria feature […]

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Petunias 101

Petunias can offer long-term color for summer gardens and brighten dreary landscapes with their pastels and bright colors. Petunias are one of the most popular garden flowers. Not only are they inexpensive, but taking care of these beautiful flowers is simple and easy. Your garden will be filled with beautiful blooms that can last until autumn […]

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Begonias 101

Begonias are an annual plant that can provide beauty to any garden. They come in a variety of colors and can thrive in an array of conditions. They are a popular houseplant that are easy to take care of. Here are some tips about caring for your begonias this spring. Planting from Tubers If you […]

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