Petunias 101

Petunias can offer long-term color for summer gardens and brighten dreary landscapes with their pastels and bright colors. Petunias are one of the most popular garden flowers. Not only are they inexpensive, but taking care of these beautiful flowers is simple and easy. Your garden will be filled with beautiful blooms that can last until autumn […]

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Show Us Your Garden

We pride ourselves on growing outstanding quality flowering plants. That’s why we want to see all of your beautiful blooms from this season! You’re proud of all the work you have done in your garden this season. Why not show it off? Upload a picture of your garden and we will feature them on our […]

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Start Your Summer Garden!

Summer is here! This means long, hot days and bright, cherry gardens! Does your garden still need something extra to make it perfect? Well, there are flowers you can plant that will withstand the heat and thrive all summer long. These flowers will bloom fully with vibrant colors. Even though good soil, fertilizer, and proper […]

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