We all love the sound of rain droplets on a summer evening, but too much rain can have a negative effect on your plants. When plants get more water than they need, their roots can become over-saturated with moisture and this can lead to root rot and other issues.

It is important to watch out for signs of over-watering in your plants, including wilted or yellowed leaves, soggy soil, and drooping stems. If you notice any of these signs, it might be time to take action.

How To Help Over-Watered Plants

If you notice that your plants are receiving too much rain, you should take steps to help them recover.

The first step is to stop watering for a few days and let the soil dry out. Pruning off any wilted leaves or stems can also help your plant better absorb nutrients and redirect energy towards healthier parts. When you do start watering again, water less frequently and use a soil moisture meter to make sure the soil isn’t too wet.

You can also use mulch or shade cloths to prevent your plants from receiving too much rain. These materials absorb water and help keep soil dry, but should be removed when it is time to water.

Finally, if you are concerned that your plants will not recover, consider moving them to a sheltered area such as a covered porch or garage. This will keep them out of the rain, but can also provide extra warmth and humidity if your plants need it.


Too much rain can be damaging to your plants, but there are steps you can take to help them recover. Start by watching for signs of over-watering and then cut back on watering and add mulch or shade cloths. Finally, if necessary, consider moving your plants to a sheltered area. If you take these steps, your plants should be able to get back to their healthy selves in no time!

Don’t forget that preventative measures are important too. Make sure that your plants are getting the proper amount of water and use soil moisture meters to help you better estimate when it is time to water again. Following these steps will help ensure that your plant’s health stays in top form no matter what Mother Nature throws their way!