Don’t Limit Your Pots to Just One Plant

Pots with one type of plant inside adds a pop of color and simplicity to any garden design. However, mixing more than one type of potted plant in a container creates a mini-landscape with a variety of colors and textures. Mixed planters may look difficult to recreate and care for, but some simple care tips for single plant pots can also apply for mixed-plant containers. The only challenge is picking what beautiful plants you want to mix.

Here are some tips for mixing your potted plants.

  1.  Pick a container with drainage holes at the bottom. These holes help avoid root rot, fungi and insects that are attracted by a surplus of water.
  2. Choose plants that require similar soil, light and watering conditions. Base this selection on where you plan to put your container. If you want your container in an area with a lot of sun, choose plants who need full sun.
  3. Add three or four flowering plants for every non-flowering plant. Choose at least three different types of “thriller, filler or spiller plants. “Thrillers” are bright, eye-catching plants, like marigolds or geraniums. “Fillers” are leafy, variegated plants that provide a great backdrop for the “thrillers.” “Spillers” are vines that cascade from the top, over the side of your plants to add an additional layer of interest.
  4. When planting spillers, place them on the outer edges of the container so they can flow over the sides as they grow.
  5. Mix the thrillers and fillers in the remaining space. Arrange them so they have enough space to expand as they grow. At first, your pot may look empty, but as the plants grow, they will fill the bare space.
  6. Water your container about every three days, based on weather conditions. Soil in containers tends to try out quickly.
  7.  Plants in small containers quickly use up the nutrients in the soil, so it will need to be replaced. Apply fertilizer soon after planting and again in the middle of the growing season.

Need more help on planting mixed containers? Check out this video for an easy step-by-step guide for setting up your pot!

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