mighty mato

The future is now and it’s at Bengert Greenhouses.

Mighty ‘Mato is certified organic and uses food and water more efficiently for healthier, more beautiful plants. These plants take season stresses in stride and provide higher yields and larger fruits over an extended season. Gardeners will enjoy bigger, faster harvests and extol the virtues of “Grafting Power!”

mighty mato

What is Grafting?

Grafting is a technique that vegetatively joins two plants into one. Grafted plants use the roots and the bottom portion of one plant(rootstock) and joins it to a tender shoot from the top portion(scion) of another plant. As the tissues heal, the plants fuse together, combining the rootstock’s vigor and disease resistance with the scion’s exceptional fruit quality and flavor.

Benefits of Grafting


Stronger, more vigorous plants and bigger, better, longer harvests


Improved ability to withstand temperature swings and extremes


Superious defenses against soil-borne diseases and pests, including nematode.


Extraordinary harvest and longer growing season

To good to be true you say, look at the actual Mighty Mato

Photos from a comparison study below!