What Is Grading?

Not all homes have perfect surroundings. Over time, your lawn will settle and create places where water collects. This water can collect in your yard or, even worse, in your basement. The goal of grading is to add a gentle slope to your land to encourage proper drainage. Whether you want to have a garden, lawn, or terrace, you must grade your yard first. Just a few inches between entry-level and ground level can not only make for a drier basement but also improrove the appearance of your yard.

Why Should You Grade Your Yard?

It is definitely concerning when the slope of your yard goes towards your house. If your landscape is improperly graded, it can lead to standing water that can negatively affect your home. When water collects around your home, plants and lawns can become over watered, and your yard can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests. If too close to your foundation, standing water can cause structural damage that may or may not be apparent.

Grading For Drainage

With grading, you can easily redirect the water away from your home before bigger issues arise. Naturally, the amount of drainage you desire depends on the area that you are grading. For lawns, you want a gentle slope that will take any excess water away from your home. For gardens and more complex structures, you may want something more involved. By allowing for optimal drainage, you can make your entire landscaping design self-sufficient and easy to take care of.

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